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Author: P. C. Cast

Kalonas Fall

In KALONA'S FALL, the shadows in Kalonas past will finally come to light We will learn about the winged

Neferets Curse

The White City, 1893: In turn-of-the-century Chicago, with the World's Fair bringing bustle and excitement to her home city,

Lenobias Vow

The second in the enthralling new mini-series of novellas from the #1 bestselling authors of the House of Night,

Dragons Oath

The first in an enthralling new mini-series of novellas from the #1 bestselling authors of the House of Night,


In the final electrifying novel in the HoN series, Neferet has finally made herself known to mortals. A Dark


After a Vampire Tracker Marks her with a crescent moon on her forehead, 16-year-old Zoey Redbird enters the House

Elphames Choice

Elphame's Choice (Partholon #4) I was marked from birth as belonging to the Goddess Epona--but that didn't make my

Warrior Rising

Warrior Rising (Goddess Summoning #6) The Goddesses have had it with the Trojan War. So much devastation?all because of

Goddess of Legend

Goddess of Legend (Goddess Summoning #7) Saved from a car accident by the Water Goddess, photojournalist Isabel visits the

Goddess of Love

Goddess of Love (Goddess Summoning #5) With "humor and verve," (Publishers Weekly) Cast tells the story of the mythical

Goddess of the Rose

Goddess of the Rose (Goddess Summoning #4) When modern-day Mikki ends up in the strange Realm of the Rose,

Goddess of Light

Goddess of Light (Goddess Summoning #3) When hardworking Pamela Smythe whispers her wish for a god-like man, she never

Goddess of Spring

Goddess of Spring (Goddess Summoning #2) Lina's trendy bakery in Tulsa is proving to be less than lucrative, and

Goddess of the Sea

Goddess of the Sea (Goddess Summoning #1) On the night of her twenty-fifth birthday, alone in her apartment, Air


Revealed (House of Night #11) Drastically altered after her fall at the end of Hidden, Neferet is now more


Hidden (House of Night #10) At last, Zoey has what she wanted: the truth is out. Neferet's evil has


Destined (House of Night #9) Zoey is finally home where she belongs, safe with her Guardian Warrior, Stark, by


Tempted (House of Night #6) Zoey needs a break after some serious excitement. Sadly, the House of Night school